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Farrotta - fra le Top 10 Italian craft beers

Farrotta Alomnd '22 è stata inserita fra le Top 10 Italian craft beers dal sito

ecco il testo originale del sito:

With craft beer experiencing a boom in Italy at the moment Swide spoke to the country’s leading beer expert Lorenzo Dabove to describe the characteristics of the emerging beers as well as the list of the 10 best craft beers produced in Italy.

Farrotta, Abruzzo, Almond 22 3 of 10

Farrotta is brewed with organic Acacia honey coming from the mountains in Abruzzo and a high percentage of spelt. The colour is golden and the head is white and creamy. Fruity herbal gooseberry and honey aroma with strawy, grassy and grapefruit notes. Very fresh and harmonic, Farrotta has a dry-mild, soft texture and is mid-bodied, vivid, balanced, and harmonic. A delicate , subtle, and highly drinkable ale. Pair it with roasted fish, asparagus or cereal soups.